January 17, 2012

Quick Note

January isn't even over yet and already I have fallen short on my resolution to blog every day. I do have a good excuse but I don't want to bore everyone with it.

I just wanted to make a quick note to say that if you have recently submitted tutorials and haven't heard back from me, don't be alarmed. I will be in touch soon and your tutorials will get added. (Assuming they meet the criteria.) Meanwhile I am working on improvements to RTG behind the scenes.

January 3, 2012

Lots of new tutorials added

Just a short note to mention that I added 2,000 new tutorials to the RTG database.

But I am still behind in responding to new submissions. If you sent me a tutorial in the last two weeks and haven't heard from me yet, don't be alarmed. You'll be hearing from me soon.

January 2, 2012

The Tute-Bot is on Pinterest!

Hey all you Pinterest addicts out there! I finally set up some boards that you might be interested in following.

You can find them here: 

And if you put a link to your Pinterest profile in the comments I'll check it out too. I'm especially interested in tutorials (obviously) and anything related to organization (which I desperately need).

I'm new to Pinterest and I'm still figuring everything out, but I noticed that some of the tutorials I tried to add didn't work because Pinterest couldn't grab any photos from the pages. Does anyone else have the problem? Should I try again later or are there certain sites that don't allow Pinterest to "borrow" photos?

January 1, 2012

Tute-Bot's New Year's Resolutions

The last month and a half of 2011 was pretty crazy for the Random Tutorial Generator. What started out as a small side project that I thought only a handful of people would ever know about has become a surprise hit in the crafting community. I have even received emails and tutorial submissions from craft bloggers I have read for years and consider celebrities. It's been pretty exciting. I've even been daydreaming about running the site as my full-time job eventually. (How amazing would that be?)

All this unexpected enthusiasm for my little site has motivated me to make some big changes in 2012. I know it's a little clunky right now but don't give up on the tute-bot! As soon as I can I'll be using the ad revenue from the site to hire a programmer who knows what he/she is doing to help me make the site function the way I really want it to.

Please drop me an email at tute-bot@random-tutorial.com if you have any suggestions, but so far here are my New Year's Resolutions for the site.

1) I will add a form for submitting tutorials that will tell the submitter immediately whether they have already been submitted or not. These submissions will then be compiled into one list that I can click through (to verify that all of the submissions really are RTG-worthy tutes) and then upload to the database easily.

2) I will improve the frame at the top of the page so readers can easily bookmark tutorials and email them. There should also be a way to flag broken links and other problems.

3) I will also improve the RTG so it knows which tutorials you have seen already and won't show them to you again until you have seen them ALL. (Right now it's truly random so if you click on the big red button enough times you will start to see some of the same tutes.) This will require cookies, which I know some people hate, so you will still have the option to keep it the cookie-free way. 

3) Once the RTG is running optimally I will make a spin-off site for food-related tutorials/recipes. And maybe another spin-off for printables. (Let me know if there are any any other spin-offs you want to see.)

4) I will have at least 200,000 craft tutorials in the RTG database by the end of the year. (Right now there are almost 20,000)

5) I will make a blog posting every single day for 2012, even if some of them are really short.

6) I will do more tweeting and commenting on blogs and other stuff like that to stay in touch with the awesome craft bloggers I read everyday.

7) I will take the time to figure out Pinterest and start a Facebook page.

8) I will post at least one original tutorial of my own each month on this blog because I want to join in on the fun too! (And I already have one project in the works.)