December 8, 2011

Ask Tute-Bot: Handmade Gift for Boyfriend

Tute-Bot got a great question on Twitter:

     Planning to make my bf something for Christmas, but I've run out of ideas, any help? xx
     He's a solicitor, like does Kung Fu, likes Batman and monkeys xx

I figured my answer deserved more than 140 characters, so I'm answering it here. And maybe "Ask Tute-Bot" will become a new regular feature (assuming I get anymore questions).

So here goes...

T-shirts are always a safe bet as boyfriend gifts and there are SO MANY options for making them. You could design a cute monkey doing Kung Fu or wearing a batman mask. (And if you can't draw, you could hire someone to design it for you on Fiverr.)

1) Traditional screen printing is one option. But if you are only making one shirt this might not be your best choice. Especially if you don't already have the equipment and skills. If you've never screen printed before and you want to ease into it you could try a kit like the one tested out by Dollar Store Crafts.

2) Or you could try freezer paper printing. There are lots of tutorials for that. Two of my favorites are here and here.

3) You could also do your design in reverse with bleach -- like this or this.

4) Or you could try this which seems particularly magical to me.

If you can crochet, there are lots of free amigurumi patterns out there, including Batman and monkeys.

If you knit, you can incorporate this batman intarsia pattern into a scarf, hat or sweater.

If you sew, you could make a sock monkey and dress him up however you like.

I wish I could think of more ideas that have to do with kung fu. Maybe my lovely readers have some ideas.

Please, please please comment if you can think of any more suggestions for DIY projects (not gifts to buy).


  1. Well just found you because I keep getting hits from here! Thank numbers are going up now too!
    My hat is off to anyone who can figure out how to create such a thing as this..good randomness.

  2. You are so sweet! I'm glad RTG is sending traffic your way. :)