October 19, 2011

The sad demise of ReadyMade Magazine

I know I'm a little slow to mention this, but somebody forgot to to give me the memo. Apparently, ReadyMade Magazine is dead!

A couple weeks ago I was getting the antsy feeling that something was missing. I hadn't received a new ReadyMade in a while and I was going through MacGyver Challenge withdrawal. It was already October but the most recent issue I had received was June/July!

So I went to the ReadyMade website to report the missing issues and have them sent. That's when I saw this: http://www.readymade.com/blog/readymade/2011/06/16/farewell_readymakers

So I've known this news for about two weeks, but today it feels really official because I got a mysterious issue of Better Homes and Gardens (which I don't subscribe to) with a note that says:

"Dear Christistine,

I'm sorry to tell you that ReadyMade Magazine is no longer being published.

But there is good news...."

Good news? Do tell.

"I talked my publisher into sending you Better Homes and Gardens to round out the remainder of your subscription... plus 3 Extra Bonus Issues to thank you for your patience."

Seriously? You call that good news? That's the least you can do.  Better Homes and Gardens is a perfectly nice little magazine, but it hardly makes up for the loss of ReadyMade!

It goes on from there with a sales pitch for Better Homes and Gardens. And then there's one of those fake bills that says the payment (for a magazine I never subscribed to) is "due" on 11/09/11. Whatever.

Actually, it's a really good price -- only $5.99 for 12 issues plus a free cookbook. And BH&G does bring back good memories of my grandma so it is tempting.... But No! I refuse to be swayed. The pain I feel from the  loss of my favorite magazine in the whole world is still too raw.

The ReadyMade website is still up but I'm surprised to see it isn't being updated. At least not as far as I can tell. Readers can still leave comments -- which aren't being moderated so there is a TON of spam -- and there are some new calendar entries which are also submitted by readers. But there are no new features, projects or blog postings.

I think this is a big mistake on the part of the publisher, Meredith. It should do what O'Reilly Media did with Craft when it stopped being published. It kept the blog going with fresh content and it probably has a lot more readers now than it did as a magazine. And I can't imagine the cost is very high to keep it going.

At the very least, ReadyMade needs to keep the MacGyver challenge going!


  1. Just received my Better Homes and Gardens in the mail. I don't want it! Any luck with switching your subscription

  2. I didn't try to switch it. I'm just going to accept the two or three issues of BH&G until my subscription runs out.

    But switching it is a good idea if there is another magazine published by Meredith that you like better.

  3. You thought you were late getting the news?? Well, I just realized TODAY!! I just figured my subscription had expired. And, yes, I did get Better Homes and Gardens in the mail and I just thought it was strange since I didn't subscribe. How's that for absent minded?